What to Expect

Before a Massage
– If this is your 1st massage, please arrive 15 min early to complete necessary forms
– You will be asked to undress to your comfort level and get comfortable on the massage table , underneath the sheet, before the therapist enters the room

During a Massage
– If any technique performed is uncomfortable to you, for any reason, let the therapist know immediately.  Communication is important.
– Temperature: if the room is too cold or too warm for your comfort, let the therapist know.
– Draping: the part of the body being worked on is the only part that will be undraped.

After a Massage
– During the massage you will be lying on the table for an hour.  You might feel a little dizzy when you first stand up, so move slowly
– Massage promotes a release of toxins from the body tissues so in order to flush toxins from the body, it is important to drink a sufficient amount of water.